locked Re: Decode cycle dropped #FT8

Al Groff

If you monitor total CPU load in windows Resource monitor, you may notice that there is a peak in CPU loading at the end of each decode cycle in which decodes did not fail.  If the cppu load approaches 100%, the following cycle may not have any decodes (and no .wav file is saved).  A portion the that cpu loading peak is the FT8 decode and a portion  of the peak is database lookups in DxKeeper and SpotCollector that occurs when there are decodes.

Shut down the wsjt-x feed to DXlabs for a while and see what happens to the dropped decode cycles.


On 1/22/2020 1:43 AM, marsip@... wrote:

I have the same problem with occasionally dropped decode cycles.

I'm use the internal audio drivers in my Icom ic-7300, and the receive level is always on abt 60 db. I have no problem with non-synced clock. I see spikes on the cpu utilization, in the end of cycles to abt 70-80%. (But can we be sure the graphic display really shows the maximum value?)

I'm using Windows 10 with a new computer. Cpu: AMD A9-9425, with 5 cores, 3.1 GhZ. Memory 8 GB. Running applications: WSJT-X, DXlab: Commander, Dxkeeper, Spotcollector. I usally also have Firefox running, which take lot of memory. But it doesn't make any difference if it's running or not.


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