Locked Re: Decode cycle dropped #FT8

VE5DP <ve5dp@...>

Thanks, Bill.   I thought that WAV file should cover the time from 211745 to 2113030.  It decoded at 213030 for me also.    It skipped decodes at 211830, 211845, 212115, 212145, 212345, 212415 and 212745.
I am using an IC-7000 with a Signallink USB interface.  There were no transmit cycles during that time so no RFI.  The Windows clock sync is disabled.  The time syncing program was disabled so there should have been no clock issues .The DECODE button is currently set to Fast but it doesn't make any difference if it is set to normal or deep.  Using WSJT-X 2.1.2.
Or does the saved WAV file only include the last decode cycle?  I am I doing this incorrectly?
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Don - W7/VE5DP

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