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John Ratcliffe

I don't know if any of that functionality already exists as I am a new user, but nice ideas.

I'd like to know if it's possible to show a user you've worked before in a different colour or something so I don't keep working the same people.

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Would be very handy to have a "lookup feature" where callsigns and locators could be easily accessible. Right clicking on a call sign under the DX Call label or a locator under DX Grid label cound launch https://www.qrz.com/db/<call sign> or something like http://www.levinecentral.com/ham/grid_square.php?Grid=JO89 for grids...
Look up service could be configurable i Setting.
Similar context menu could also be implemented when right clicking on a row in the Band Activity window.

Another handy feature would be a short command for docking/aligning the waterfall window to the bottom of the main WSJT-X window. Maybe docking could be the default action when opening a Waterfall window...

Best regards/73 de SA5QED David

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