locked Re: Old Logs

Matt Gumbley

Hi Michael,
It sounds likely that the files have been removed by a WSJT-X upgrade, but unlikely that Windows upgrade would remove them.. you may be able to ‘undelete’ them with a tool like:

I haven’t tried this, but it looks like it might offer the features you’d need.

Or PhotoRec:

I have used this successfully to recover ‘lost’ photos from dying hard drives - I’m not sure whether it would work on ADIF data though.

A possibility for future use might be to start a free DropBox account, get their software set up, then create a folder for WSJT-X logs in your DropBox folder, and get WSJT-X to store its data there.

Hope this helps, 
73, Matt M0CUV

On 1/19/2020 2:56 AM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
The logging was only to the WSJT-X built-in log. I never uploaded them anywhere. Apparently, either a WSJT-X or Windows update started the log over again or somehow deleted everything prior to January 1st, 2019.

Everybody is telling me what I should have done and what I need to do in the future. But nobody is offering any ideas on what happened to my WSJT-X logs or where I might find the old data or what, if anything, I can do to prevent loss of future WSJT-X logs. I will be more diligent in the future, but that does not help the past data.

Michael WA7SKG

Dave Garber wrote on 1/18/20 9:06 PM:
have you been uploading them to qrz or eqsl or lotw ??   then you could downl;oad the adi files, and import into one of the logbooks mentioned in other responses

Dave Garber

On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 10:43 AM Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@... <mailto:wa7skg@...>> wrote:

    I've been using WSJT-X on the same computer since 2017. I have always
    logged the contacts, but never really paid attention to the logs until
    now. I went into the log directory and see the logs there only go back
    to January 2019. I'm looking for contacts made in 2017 and 2018. Do
    these logs rotate somehow? Is there any way to find the logs from
    previous years? I have searched for other log and adi files and came up

    tnx es 73,
    Michael WA7SKG


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