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Bill Somerville

On 18/01/2020 13:15, w5ec wrote:
What happens when i double click on a CQer at 5 seconds after the start of the 15 second timer?
 My xcvr goes to transmit, but does it transmit the last 10 seconds of my call, or the first 10 seconds, or does it squeeze the full call in somehow?
What is it actually transmitting? Just curious.
Bill W5EC
Hi Bill,

the transmitted message contains the information in the message, the error correction bits, and a checksum. These are distributed throughout the message payload, so it is not correct to say that some portion of the message only contains some portion of the information sent. At the receiving end there is a probability that the message will be decoded if up to roughly half the transmitted message is received with a reasonable signal quality. The probability of successful decoding is reduced by missing information but not by a great deal.


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