locked Re: Kenwood TS-2000 serial CAT control malfunction

Mack Edmonson

In the wsjtx radio menu   set data bits= eight, stop bits= one and  handshake= hardware if you have changed the baud rate on the ts2000 you must cycle the power for the new baud rate to be effective. Hope this helps, I have missed the handshake before when doing the setup. Good luck de mack, w4enn


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From: Chris Hines
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2020 5:13 PM
To: wsjtx@groups.io
Subject: [WSJTX] Kenwood TS-2000 serial CAT control malfunction


Good afternoon,


In previous versions, I had no issue connecting WSJT-X to the cat control via serial port on my kenwood TS-2000. In the latest version, however, I am not able to get the software to connect to the radio whatsoever. I have tried any and all settings I can to get it to work, including changing the serial speed in the radio and subsequently in the software, as well, with no success. I am able to get other software to connect to the serial on the radio just fine, such as Ham radio Deluxe, and the kenwood software for my radio, so I don’t believe it’s the radio or my serial cable.


Has anyone else had these problems, and if so, were you able to get it working? What settings did you use? I’m pulling my hair out with this and it’s incredibly frustrating. Most specifically, because if I forget to change the band in WSJT-X after changing bands on the radio, JTAlert sends the wrong data to hamspots and it keeps handing me temporary bans.









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