Locked Re: Lost serial communication with FT847



Yep, there is the warning/note on page 91 of the user manual, as found at:-


In the CAT section, no mention of such a thing in the pages describing
the use of the FC-20.

I'd hazard a guess, that the rig's CPU only had one spare serial port,
and they didn't anticipate anyone wanting CAT control, with the use of a
FC-20 at the same time.  A bit short sighted I think.   Otherwise a good

I suppose, you 'could' use an ATAS as a base antenna...   With a decent
ground plane it'd work quite well I suspect, based on my experience with
one, manually controlled with one of the MFJ boxes and an IC-706 when
parked up portable.  The antenna fitted to a roof mounted socket on top
of the 4x4.  It's a bit fragile to leave up there when "Mobile".  (Low
tree branches, passing at speed....)


Dave G0WBX.

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