Locked Re: WSJTx settings for 160m JA split op

Bill Somerville

On 16/01/2020 14:19, Greg Clark wrote:

Trying configure my setup for correct split ops on 160m to work JAs at 1908 and am not having any luck.  Have posted this on the FB group - had some suggestions that do not work for me yet I know it must work - somehow.  So looking for input and/or corrections to the op error here. 

Am using 7300 for FT8 here, using CAT and FAKE IT. If I look at what has been suggested to me - here is the result (does not work).

1 - Put Split Operation in WSJTx to NONE

2 - Press SPLIT on radio
3- Move Radio VFO Dial to 1908 for JA rcv - as soon as I do this, I get a RIG CONTROL ERROR (I'm sure due to CAT polling)
4 - I can only say OK/RETRY etc
5 - If I select OK - I have the RADIO CONFIGURATION page displayed - I don't change anything, click OK and the radio goes back to 1840 (both VFOs as the radio is still in SPLIT).

I gotta be doing something wrong if others are successful.....so I'm OK with OP error :) Still scratching my head on what I'm not doing.



Hi Greg,

the advice to use "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Fake It" which is often given as a way to work a traditional split frequency is only valid for a few rig models. The reason is that WSJT-X verifies that SPLIT on the rig is turned off, this is correct for normal usage as using Fake It split operating while the rig is also in SPLIT mode would lead to erroneous operation for naive users. You may have more success with using "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->None", but again it is rig model specific and depends on whether the rig reports its SPLIT status via CAT.

The recommended and sure fire way to do this is to forego CAT control by using "Settings->Radio->Rig->None" when you need a traditional split frequency, this may mean that you need a different PTT method as CAT PTT will not be possible. You can simplify using such a setup by making a new configuration ("Menu->Configurations") so that you can quickly switch from regular full CAT control to none when you need to set traditional split frequencies on your rig.


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