Locked Re: WSJTx settings for 160m JA split op


I am usually driving my TS590 through the HRD cat interface of WSJT-X. But the HRD interface gets confused with the TRX hardware split between 1840 and 1908 (software split of WSJT-X is to be turned off).
When I use the TS590 cat interface the HW split function works well and I worked many JAs successfully.
GL and 73,
Hans, DK1WB


Greg Clark schrieb am 16.01.2020 15:19 (GMT +01:00):

Trying configure my setup for correct split ops on 160m to work JAs at 1908 and am not having any luck.  Have posted this on the FB group - had some suggestions that do not work for me yet I know it must work - somehow.  So looking for input and/or corrections to the op error here. 

Am using 7300 for FT8 here, using CAT and FAKE IT. If I look at what has been suggested to me - here is the result (does not work).

1 - Put Split Operation in WSJTx to NONE

2 - Press SPLIT on radio
3- Move Radio VFO Dial to 1908 for JA rcv - as soon as I do this, I get a RIG CONTROL ERROR (I'm sure due to CAT polling)
4 - I can only say OK/RETRY etc
5 - If I select OK - I have the RADIO CONFIGURATION page displayed - I don't change anything, click OK and the radio goes back to 1840 (both VFOs as the radio is still in SPLIT).

I gotta be doing something wrong if others are successful.....so I'm OK with OP error :) Still scratching my head on what I'm not doing.



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