Locked Transmit Spike on JT65b

Thomas Riccio

I am running a flex6700 with a beko power amp on 2m directly. My new microham peak power meter is showing a power output spike occurring with WJST -X JT65b just at the beginning of the transmit sequence. No power spike if I hit the tune button on WJST. Seems like there is an audio spike that is generated by WJST just at the beginning of the transmission which occurs on JT65 and occasionally on FT8 but none of the other modes. The transmit spike is 30% or so higher and lasts for about 500ms. I can eliminate the spike by setting a 1200ms or greater transmit delay on the flex 6700 and setting the transmit delay on WJST to 0 seconds.
Interestingly I get the same transmit spike using the JTDX program.
Anyone else notice this phenomenom?

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