Locked Re: Band Activity Window goes blank v2.1.1

W2MKM - Ed

@ Reino, I see no reset/release option that you make note of.  When I right click when moused over the Band Activity and select Erase it does bring the display back to life, but that should not behave that way, with me having to wake up the Band Activity window every hour or so .. never did that before .. would run for days with the Band Activity scrolling away and active .. 

@ Dave, I unchecked the CQ only box and the problem still occurs, that is the Band Activity goes blank while still receiving and decoding as evidenced by the activity being fed to Hamspots.net, below you will see that the Band Activity went blank around 15:48 UTC ish (screenshot taken 17:16 UTC) as evidenced by the RX Frequency window (yeah I realize that it may not be exactly as RX would need to be in the receive window) and you can see from the Hamspots.net screenshot taken 17:16UTC,  WSTJ-X via JTAlert continues to feed decodes, despite the Band Activity being blank .. and we all know that is not right.

All thoughts welcome.


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