Locked Re: WSJT-X & Com Ports

B. Smith

I use the Ci-v cable for FSK RTTY and to run CW Skimmer in N1MM+. I agree that John should be able to get everything to work together, but if in fact, he finds that he "needs" an extra Com port, I'd use a Ci-v cable rather than VSPE or WinforIcom virtual ports. I also run FLRIG/FLDIGI on the Ci-v port set at 19200, rather than the more complex config I use for N1MM+that supports the Spectrum Scope, WSJT-X, MMTTY, FLDIGI, etc, all on a single USB cable and feeds logging to Log4OM, as well. I have unique configs in my 7300 for several different programs and have found it handy to have a straight vanilla Ci-v port available rather than trying to have a single config for multiple aps.

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