Locked Re: Band Activity Window goes blank v2.1.1

W2MKM - Ed


Thanks for the replies. 

@ Dave, I'm on 40M and on any given interval, I get some CQs, even if there weren't any CQs in a given interval, that "Band Activity" window should not remain blank indefinitely even with "CQ only" checked, which is the case if I don't double-click the Erase button, only then does the "Band Activity" window come back to life and start scrolling again.  Curiously, even though the "Band Activity" goes blank, spots are still being reported to Hamspots.net via JTAlert, so the receive and decode process is still occurring, just not rendering in the window and that don't sound right.  Though I have now unchecked the CQ only box to see if this also occurs without that checked.

@ Reino , The "Band Activity" window always scrolls and fills from the top down, but at no point did it or should it go blank IMO if there is activity on the band, which there always is.

I will report back.


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