Locked Re: New to me computer set up today

D Lawson

I am using a Signalink, that is what is so puzzling.



On Thursday, January 16, 2020, 04:59:51 AM CST, <groups@...> wrote:

It is also better not to use VOX on the rig but control the Tx from WSJTX.

On 16/01/2020 10:27, Joe wrote:
> This is why it is better for some people to use a separate sound card
> device like a Signalink to operate digital modes, especially for people
> who use their computer for many other uses. We all have probably heard
> music, Windows sounds, voices, etc on the ham bands. Using a separate
> sound device can minimize or eliminate this from happening. It also
> simplifies audio settings for digital modes, as you can usually "set it
> and forget it".
> Joe
> On 1/15/2020 6:25 PM, D Lawson via Groups.Io wrote:
>>  HOWEVER... when I tried to play a YouTube video to see why my WSJT
>> contacts were not appearing in my Ham Radio Deluxe log  everything
>> went crazy.  It seems like is was trying to transmit and I panicked.
>> I guess if I want to watch a video I better disable WSJT.

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