Locked Re: New to me computer set up today

neil_zampella <neilz@...>

What happened was that you have WSJT-X using the same soundcard as the computer does for sounds.    We hear this happening all the time with computer 'dings' and even movie soundtracks being transmitted.

The fix is to use an external USB sound card as the soundcard for WSJT-X, and leave the computer's built-in card as default for everything else.   You can pick up a very good USB dongle for under $15.00 at Amazon which will provide the 48kHz audio path needed. 

I have no idea what you mean by the "HD log problem".    

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 1/15/2020 6:25 PM, D Lawson via Groups.Io wrote:

I picked up a new (to me) computer today and had some trouble getting WSJT to transmit.  I finally figured out the volume was turned off.  Once I turned it on it worked.  HOWEVER... when I tried to play a YouTube video to see why my WSJT contacts were not appearing in my Ham Radio Deluxe log  everything went crazy.  It seems like is was trying to transmit and I panicked.  

I guess if I want to watch a video I better disable WSJT.

While we are at it any idea on the HD log problemt?




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