Locked Re: Display the last few QSOs from WSJT-X log

Dick Bingham

Hello Zeev

I am not at all versed in modifying existing software like WSJT-X and using POWERSHELL.

Is the material here ===> https://www.computerperformance.co.uk/windows-7/powershell-2/  
what I would use to modify the WSJT-X code to display the previous three QSO's ?
Where in the WSJT-X code do I enter the code modification you presented ===>

get-content ${Env:LocalAppData}\wsjt-x\wsjtx.log -tail 3 -wait | foreach {echo $_.split(",")[4]}
to show only the Callsigns without the need to change directory.

Normally, I will never modify an existing piece of software like WSJT-X, but this caught my
attention as a possible learning experience.

73  Dick/w7wkr

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