Locked Band Activity Window goes blank v2.1.1

W2MKM - Ed


Win10 platform running WSJTX v2.1.1 and just started using the "Dark Mode" command line per Bill's guidance to invoke dark mode effective 1/13/20.

Not sure if it is related, but on or abouts that same time frame the "Band Activity" window in WSJT-X goes blank after a few hours of operation.

Seems that WSJT-X continues to decode and post to Hamspots and the "Rx Frequency" window is getting updated.  Audio is still streaming as the audio meter on the lower left corner of WSJT-x is registering what it always has ~40db .....

A double click on the "Erase" button resolves this for a few hours and then it reverts to the blank "Band Activity" window ... see attachment

All thoughts/resolutions welcome

Ed - W2MKM

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