locked Re: Signals in Spectrum Monitor or Decodes, Input level in the green #AudioIssues

George J Molnar, KF2T

A couple of suggestions,

Uncheck “Flatten.” You don’t need it with a Flex.

Ensure your DIGU bandwidth is set to 3000 Hz or better.

Open up the Wide Graph to 3000 also (Bins/Pixel) / WSJT-X won’t decode outside what the wide graph is set for.

Check to make sure your RX antenna is correctly selected.

Make sure your receive audio bit rate is 48000.

In the Audio tab, make sure you’re using the correct L/R channel (L usually works)

In the Advanced tab, make sure that the Tone Spacing x2 and x4 are NOT selected.

Hopefully, something there will help!



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