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I like using the Decodes Window in JTAlert.  I filter out the US stations, and can easily see all the rest....and they stay on the screen.

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I have been using WSJT-X for FT8 mode for some time. As a DX hunter I am missing one function, or, I have not found it yet.
If there is a weak DX active on FT8, I simply want to monitor / filter out info in the left window sent by that specific station only to see if I copy. For a weak DX stn, 99% of the DX station related info in the window is from stations calling the DX, often random zombie calling without even copying the DX because of a cluster spot. If I "see" the DX answering someone, I can click at that "QSO" and start following its transmissions, otherwise I have to starr at the window until my eyes spot something in the text mass rolling by.

When a lot of text rolls every 15 sec my only way to filter out the desired info is to every few minutes "select all" in the window & copy, paste it to a text editor, then search for DX callsign in the column that would be a transmission from the DX itself. Its like hearing the whole pile-up + DX station on CW.

Does this function already exist?

BR Mikael SM6VJA


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