Locked Re: QSL send


So here is how I work around this..
I use Log4OM.  I export my Confirmed/Verified logs and copy/paste them into WSJT's log and overwrite what is there!
Making the colors actually useful.
It’s much more productive to just overwrite the log so you have the verified countries in there not just worked.. After all, worked doesn’t matter if I don’t have any credit for it.

In Log4OM, open QSL Management.

Along the bottom, click Search Parameters.

I saved one and just re-use it (defined as WSJT with LoTW Verified (click it in “Saved search” then click the disk with blue up-arrow.  Then click green checkmark to make it active.)

Note: I changed QSL status to (LotwQslRcvd = 'V' OR QslRcvd = 'V' OR QslRcvd = 'Y')

Then at the top, click Search.

Then click “Select All” at the bottom again then click “To ADIF” at the top.

Set “Simplified ADIF” and the path then export.


You now have an ADIF that can be used!  Open it in Notepad and copy the log rows without the header.

I then replaced the log rows in the WSJT-X Profiles (actually I replaced them in one then replaced copy/paste the file into the other two profiles.)


C:\Users\77ind\AppData\Local\WSJT-X - IC7610

C:\Users\77ind\AppData\Local\WSJT-X - IC9100

Then in WSJT-X, simply Rescan ADIF Log →

(I added an IC7610 this Christmas so I use it on HF and the IC9100 on 6M, VHF, UHF.)

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