locked Re: IO error when testing PTT control with 'no rig'


Dave, Thanks for your comments.
With the FT-736, my initial concern is to use the Echo mode for testing the EME system. I expect that the oscillator drift will not be critical for the echoes. But I will look at either modifying or replacing the FT-736R if I want to do EME data modes later.

Regarding the DATA IO cables, I was advised just a couple of days ago that the Data-IN/OUT socket on the rear panel of the FT-736R is for FM modes only and that you can't use that socket in the SSB mode. I am not sure if that is correct. Certainly the FT-736R manual says the data socket connects your computer directly to the FM discriminator, but I find it hard to believe that Yaesu would have connected that socket up in such a way that no audio goes in or comes out in SSB mode. I am thinking of setting up a FT-736R on the bench and testing this, but I would be interested in your thoughts on that advice.

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