locked Re: IO error when testing PTT control with 'no rig'


I also have a FT736r.

Nice radio, even now, but...

You will need to do something to prevent the 20.48MHz reference
oscillator drifting with temperature (even the TCXO drifts!)  It's
"OK"(ish) for voice modes, but is just not good enough for many digital
modes on 23cms.

Note too, that the "DATA" I/O cable, has a tendency to couple RF into
the radio in a bad way (a classic "Pin 1" problem) causing "wide"
signals and overall splatter.  Difficult to tell, as these rig's don't
have a TX monitor facility as standard, unless you use another RX to
monitor your TX signal with mk1 ear'ole.

Re the PTT.  Hamlib (V3.3 onwards) correctly controls the FT736r for
PTT, mode & frequency etc from WSJTx  (Thanks to Bill G4WJS) so go for
CAT control.  It works.  (And it correctly releases the radio when you
exit WSJTx.)


Dave G0WBX.

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