locked Re: Old versions on the PC

Bill Somerville

On 11/01/2020 01:18, K5TCJ wrote:

While doing a clean-up of unused apps, I noticed that the uninstaller utility said there were like 5-6 older versions of WSJT still installed.

When updating WSJT shouldn’t references to older versions be removed / overwritten?

Tim – K5TCJ

Hi Tim,

if we removed old uninstall entries you could not easily install multiple versions of WSJT-X. The redundant uninstaller entries in "Programs & Features" or "Apps & Features" are benign. If you really want to clean them up then you must uninstall every one, ignoring warning messages and including the currently installed version(s), then re-install latest version. You log files and settings will be preserved. If you do not want redundant uninstall entries then uninstall WSJT-X before installing a new version.


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