locked Re: Green Recieve Frequency Bracket

Tom Ramberg, OH6VDA

I'm afraid  I'm not computer savvy enough to do my own build. So while waiting for the dev team to consider this polite request, is there any way to obtain a build with the patch described by Kari OH2GQC?


9. jan. 2020 kl. 12:47 skrev Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...>:

Hi Dave,

On 9.1.2020 3.55, Dave Alexander wrote:
Is there a way to make the green receive indicator a different color or make it bolder?
I have trouble seeing it.
There is no configuration item to change that indicator color.

If you are able to compile WSJT-X from sources, then you can use this patch...

diff --git a/widgets/plotter.cpp b/widgets/plotter.cpp
index badeff5..2c25219 100644
--- a/widgets/plotter.cpp
+++ b/widgets/plotter.cpp
@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@ void CPlotter::DrawOverlay()                   //DrawOverlay()
   QPen penOrange(QColor(255,165,0),3);
   QPen penGreen(Qt::green, 3);                 //Mark Tol range with green line
   QPen penRed(Qt::red, 3);                     //Mark Tx freq with red
+  QPen penBlue(Qt::blue, 3);
   QPainter painter(&m_OverlayPixmap);
   QLinearGradient gradient(0, 0, 0 ,m_h2);     //fill background with gradient
@@ -511,7 +512,8 @@ void CPlotter::DrawOverlay()                   //DrawOverlay()
     } else {
-      painter0.setPen(penGreen);
+      // painter0.setPen(penGreen);
+      painter0.setPen(penBlue);

..to change the RX indicator to blue.

Perhaps the Developers might want to make this change in next version if we asked them nicely. BR, Kari, oh2gqc

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