locked Re: Display the last few QSOs from WSJT-X log

Zeev Stadler


get-content ${Env:LocalAppData}\wsjt-x\wsjtx.log -tail 3 -wait | foreach {echo $_.split(",")[4]}

to show only the Callsigns without the need to change directory.

73 de 4X5ZS

On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 5:19 AM <n9bt@...> wrote:
I'm on Windows 10 home.  If I open a Powershell, then from my home directory do "cd appdata\local\wsjt-x", and then do "get-content wsjtx.log -tail 3 -wait", I get the data for the last three QSOs.  If I then do another QSO,  the data for new QSO appears below the data for the first three.  The data for the first three remains.  I don't know how to adjust the window to show only the Callsigns, but the qso data is there.

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