locked Re: weird random/intermittent/recurring rig control failure

Seannon Baker (AG0NY)

Andy, I'm having pretty much the same issue, I think a lot of the rig control error when it pops up may be the USB port changing, the no transmit is the one that's more confusing and troubling for me... this started 3 days ago for me, I have also completely removed WSJT-X including config files, changed settings and I still am not getting any TX... attached are shots of the settings I have, FLRig and FLDigi work normally and are the same settings as here, perhaps one of the Devs can check on this issue, there's someone else posting about this as well

Seannon, AG0NY

OS: Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine (AMD64)
RIG: Kenwood TS480HX (next to latest firmware Kenwood site shows still as latest)
RT Systems USB to Serial Adapter (for this radio)
"Echolink" Audio to Mini DIN6 cable (with added ferrites to help with stray RF, full set of ferrites on other cables (like the European model)

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