locked Re: Green Recieve Frequency Bracket


Hi Dave,

On 9.1.2020 3.55, Dave Alexander wrote:
Is there a way to make the green receive indicator a different color or make it bolder?
I have trouble seeing it.
There is no configuration item to change that indicator color.

If you are able to compile WSJT-X from sources, then you can use this patch...

diff --git a/widgets/plotter.cpp b/widgets/plotter.cpp
index badeff5..2c25219 100644
--- a/widgets/plotter.cpp
+++ b/widgets/plotter.cpp
@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@ void CPlotter::DrawOverlay()                   //DrawOverlay()
   QPen penOrange(QColor(255,165,0),3);
   QPen penGreen(Qt::green, 3);                 //Mark Tol range with green line
   QPen penRed(Qt::red, 3);                     //Mark Tx freq with red
+  QPen penBlue(Qt::blue, 3);
   QPainter painter(&m_OverlayPixmap);
   QLinearGradient gradient(0, 0, 0 ,m_h2);     //fill background with gradient
@@ -511,7 +512,8 @@ void CPlotter::DrawOverlay()                   //DrawOverlay()
     } else {
-      painter0.setPen(penGreen);
+      // painter0.setPen(penGreen);
+      painter0.setPen(penBlue);

..to change the RX indicator to blue.

Perhaps the Developers might want to make this change in
next version if we asked them nicely.

Kari, oh2gqc

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