locked Re: QSL send


HNY to all,
I would support this, specially for LoTW and paper. Also it would be nice if the calculated will be taken in the WSJT log file together with the QSO information.
de Reiner, DL4ZF

neil_zampella schrieb am 08.01.2020 15:43:

Um .... that's a your logger's  function, not WSJT-X.   It doesn't log to anywhere other than its own .ADI file.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 1/8/2020 7:43 AM, Adriaan K wrote:
HNY all,
It would be nice if in the next version a QSL send status can also be given when saving the connection. So you don't have to do that again in the logbook afterwards.
73, Adriaan PE2K
User of QRP power. www.pe2k.nl 


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