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I brought up this very point after the FT Roundup last month. RTTY has TU WK6I CQ. CW has TU WK6I TEST. 

Why don't we have the same for FT contesting?

73 jeff wk6i

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 7:53 AM Steve Kavanagh via Groups.Io <sjkavanagh1=yahoo.ca@groups.io> wrote:
Hi Rich

I believe you have summarized the situation correctly - thanks for the better explanation.  Mind you, if WSJT-X can incorporate a "TU" in a CQ message after a QSO with repeats, it might as well be there for a minimum-cycles QSO as well, in my opinion.

There is always potentially some ambiguity along the lines of your last paragraph, even on CW or phone, although, as you say, the timing clues on those modes help a lot for an experienced operator.

Steve VE3SMA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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