locked Re: First RTTY RU: used FT4


On 1/6/20 12:39 PM, Reino Talarmo wrote:
It converts to Cabrillo from the database that is invoked

'from the database' == ~/.local/share/WSJT-X/wsjtx_log.adi  ?

File -> Export Cabrillo log did not prompt me for a .adi log file.

I renamed wsjtx_log.adi before contesting.
After the contest I saved the new wsjtx-log.adi as rtty-ru.adi.
I restored the original wsjtx_log.adi file.

So, to export the contest log file in Cabrillo format I should
 save my current wsjtx_log.adi
 copy rtty-ru.adi to wsjtx_log.adi
 Run wsjtx
 File -> Export Cabrillo (fill in the blanks)
 Exit wsjtx
 Restore the saved wsjtx_log.adi



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