locked CQ contest


Looking for some advice … My operating is almost entirely about participation in the CQ marathon contest. This means I have to be aware of a number of CQ “countries” which are not in the ARRL DXCC list. They include GM, Shetland Islands; IT, Sicily;  TA1, European Turkey; UN in Austria, 4U1VIC; JW, Bear Island; and IG9 and IH9 African Italy. This difference is not addressed in the WSJT-X documentation; the ony mention is that DX information comes from the cty.dat files. The site for cty.dat notes that the current version has all the information necessary to make this distinction, but as far as I can tell the color codes used on the CQ entries only take into account the DXCC designations. I think this means that if I want to be alerted to these after working the “parent” country, I have to make sure there are no log entries for the parent countries and examine each one manually. This is more hassle than I would like, but will do it if necessary. If anyone has a better idea than never logging GM. I, TA, or 4U, I would appreciate knowing what it might be. (I should note that I do not use JT-Alert, and my logging program is DXBASE. To date, I have updated the logging program manually by using the .adi files.)


Related to this, it occurs to me that determination of zones could be a bit tricky. Does WSJT-X determine zones solely on the basis of the cty.dat information, or does the grid address play a part? It is common in the US for stations to maintain their calls, so the fact that someone’s call is, say, W2 does not guarantee that it will be in zone 5. At this point, I would just like to know how WSJT-X determines what the zone is. If I need to, I can look at each call, but it would be nice not to have to do that.




Steve Oksala



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