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i found large FT8 RU participants at 14.130, i think that was it. at times the 20m FT4 frequency answering cqs was taking longer per contact for me than keeping busy with the group on the FT 8 frequency.

it felt like there was too many packed in 3khz.
it wasn’t until sunday afternoon when things slowed down that for me the FT4 20m frequency felt productive.

i found FT4 RU activity on 40 meters but not where i thought it was going to be according to the suggested frequencies. it was on one of the normal activity 40m FT frequencies.

i came across that by accident when i changed modes while in 40 meters and wsjtx changed the frequency on me.

i had fun, but no way i am in the running for any high point award.

but i got on and played at least, it’s been at least 15 years since i operated the roundup.

Bob wd9eka, Marshall,il

On Jan 6, 2020, at 08:57, Irwin Darack <idarack@...> wrote:

Except for a few minor hitches this weekend in the RTTY RU contest (setting up the wrong grid sq. in the N1MM ini file for WSJT) everything worked out well.

I was a little confused on modes.... On 20 M the mode in the contest was FT4, while on 40 & 80 M it was FT8. I did like the FT4 mode as the TX/RX timing is shorter. Is there a standard that should be followed. Everyone did stay away from the standard FT8 frequencies.

Thanks, Irwin KD3TB
Irwin KD3TB
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