locked Re: weird random/intermittent/recurring rig control failure


Hi again Bill--

I tried setting rig control to CAT, and got the same behavior as I mentioned before; the rig keys, i hear a tone but nothing actually goes out over the air. I have a speaker connected to my Rig Blaster's "audio out" monitoring jack, so that's where I can hear the tone, and I see the TX red LED on the radio illuminate and hear the relays click on, but no actual modulation occurs over the air. This happens whether I set front or rear for the audio source. I am using a Kenwood TS-480 SAT and a Rigblaster Advantage, so there is a modular cable going from the RB to the radio's mic jack. There is also a specialty serial 9-pin cable I got from West Mountain Radio that connects between the serial port on the Rigblaster and the serial port on the radio. I got this after learning the hard way that a standard serial cable doesn't work. If I recall right, one of the wires has to be flipped, sort of like the old null modem cables/serial adapters of bygone days.

RTS is the only setup that works it seems. Choosing DTR does not key the radio at all. Current settings of my radio screen are attached.  These work....until they don't ;) 

Also, if I set flow control to Hardware, I immediately get an error that will not resolve until I change that setting back. It says "Hamlib error: IO error while testing getting current VFO. Also attached.

Thanks again for helping me!


Andy K3NP

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