locked Directional CQ

Gilbert Baron

I just monitored for 15 minutes. The CQ data is NOT shown UNTIL I click in the band activity window. It then shows the message in the right had window and starts to transmit my call. If it was a CQ DX it is too late and my only choice is to stop the transmitting. If I am missing some way to fix this I am totally without understanding how. I can find nothing about it in documentation.


Example of band activity window with or without CQ only on a station that is sending a CQ


200345  -6   0.1  1607  ~  WB9RFI  EN31  U.S.A


So how am I to know if he is calling CQ DX UNTIL I double click and it appears in the right hand window, Generates standard messages and instantly starts to call him?



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44.08226N 92.51265W EN34rb



W0MN EN34rb 44.08226 N 92.51265 W

Hierro candente, batir de repente

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