locked Suddenly, in the middle of QSO, power dropped to near zero

Jim Sjoberg

Running v2.1.2 and multiple instances
Have been making QSO's for months no problem.
In the middle of a QSO my power dropped to almost nothing on my slice A.
Clicked on slice B, second instance, and all ok at about 50 Watts.
I am using Flex 6700, Windows 10, and Maestro.
Restarted program many times, rebooted computer many times, checked/compared settings, switched to backup rig Flex 6400, and also re-ran all under smart sdr and still have power loss on slice A.
I even re-installed v2.1.2. no change.
Both rigs work fine CW and SSB.
DAX window looks good.
I am at a loss.
Any help out there?

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