Locked Graph frequency range

Markku Oksanen

I got a bit activated on FT8 after so many years of near QRT.  Now, after some 2k FT8 contacts, I wonder if the spectrum graph on WSJT-X is quite OK?  The symptom is that although my radio (IC-7300) has 3.1 kHz filter (all filters, no matter what you choose of the 3) and WSJT-X has RX bandwidth selected as 3.1 KHz (on the advanced tab), SOMETIMES when I go to a new band, the spectrum graphs shows kind of an image of a 2.4 kHz filter painted by the band noise.  I have tried storing a reference spectrum, no help.
I get the feeling that this is some glitch since as I write this, I am looking at 20 m and I DO get a nice flat spectral background and signals above 2.4 kHz (although not many).
Any ideas?  This doesn't prevent QSOs but as the the subbands are so congested, I would like to be able to use up to 3 kHz.
Markku OH2RA

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