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Gilbert Baron

And you can check your clock with time.is . If it is within 500 MS then the timing is not your peoblem.


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can you try other modes, to see if they decode ok.   if they do, then I would suggest timing is off, and you should look into nettime or dimension to run at windows startup, to keep you clock correct....



Dave Garber




On Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 7:50 AM Phil Davidson <philcdav1948@...> wrote:

Any ‘signals’ on the waterfall?

If not then its ‘likely’ a sound card selection issue.

W10 is NOT intuitive. You might have to juggle the inputs eg.  I select the ‘webcam/micrphone’ input in Sound Control even though no webcam exists but is ‘listed’ as a valid input in the W10 drop down ‘sounds’ menu.


If yes then its ‘likely’ a timing issue


Regards – Phil (G0DOR)


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I upgraded my computer to windows 10 and now I can't decode any FT8 signals. The receive status bar is green and at 60db, but still no decoding on any band. Can someone help with suggestions or windows 10 audio settings. I'm using an Icom 7610 that worked perfectly when running windows 7.

David KC8IV


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