Locked WSJT-X (or my PC) not reporting to PSK Reporter

Mark Ammann

Hi All,
Philip Gladstone was kind to work with me for quite a while a few evenings ago trying to diagnose my problems with WSJT-X FT8 decodes not getting reported to PSK Reporter, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  I'll list some of the symptoms below. Using Wireshark software at my end to watch the data being sent from WSJT to Philip's address, we found that WSJT-X (or my PC) for long periods will not transmit any data even though new unique callsigns are being seen by WSJT.  I'm using Windows 10 and WSJT-X v2.1.2, 0068f9.  I've tried deleting/uninstalling WSJT and re-downloaded, and tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions but no change in performance is seen.  I thought I might be having firewall or other Windows issues, however the behavior described below doesn't seem to hint at that.  This all started a month or so ago, as previously it had been working fine.  Only changes to the PC since would be some Windows updates.  Also, I was not transmitting any RF during these tests, so there's no RF feedback issues.
1. The problem is most prevalent on 15m, 10m and 6m.  Sometimes WSJT will begin transmitting data only after about an hour of monitoring on 15m, even though many stations were decoded.  Then it will send a few times, then stop.  While on the phone with Philip, 20m data was being sent fine every 5 minutes, but then just suddenly stopped being sent even though new stations were being decoded.  I made sure that these stations had not been seen by WSJT going back 12 hours on that band.
2.  On 6m, while monitoring MSK144 for several hours and on several days, and decoding several stations with grid squares in the exchange, no transmissions are being sent from WSJT (or my PC).  
3. In almost all cases after long periods of no WSJT data being sent, if I switch to either 40m or 80m, WSJT will begin sending data after a few minutes and data is sent reliably as long as I stay on those bands.  This is repeatable. 
4.  If I change bands after a period of no data sent, WSJT will sometimes make a transmission at the band change instance, but only the stations seen in the last FT8 sequence are sent.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
73, Mark,  KM0A

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