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Hi Bill, G4WJS
Thank you for your quick respoinse.
Until now I have about 145 QSO' s in my log file (WSJTX_log.adi) and there is not even one distance added automatically to the QSO. And in 98% of the QSO's the distance is displayed in the WSJT main window.
Kind regards and
Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year for you and yours.
Reiner, DL4ZF

Bill Somerville schrieb am 20.12.2019 20:28:

On 20/12/2019 14:51, dl4zf@... wrote:

Dear WSTJ-X Team

Thank you for developing and supporting the WSTJ-X program. Since a couple of weeks I am using WSTJ to operate on FT8. It is amazing under what conditions a short QSO can be operated and logged.

Does our the support and development team see a chance to include the „distance“ in to the log file? The value is already calculated and displayed on the tool, so it might be an easy job to bring the value also to the log file.

As I am interested in the distances to the QSO partner, I would highly appreciate that feature.

Thank you for reading my mail and to provide any feedback. 


Kind regards and 73

de Reiner, DL4ZF

Hi Reiner,

the Great Circle distance displayed in WSJT-X is only calculated if the DX station's locator is specified, if the locator is specified then it will be included in the logged QSO record. Hence you have all that is needed to re-calculate the estimated Great Circle distance.



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