locked RTTY Roundup is coming up - call for stories and photos!

jeff stai wk6i <wk6i.jeff@...>

Good gravy - the RTTY Roundup is two weeks away**!

I'll be doing the writeup for QST again this year. I'll of course dumpster dive into the 3830 comments and so forth, but if there is anything you'd like to share directly for the writeup just send it to me at wk6i.jeff@....

Of particular interest is your operating mix. Did you find FT4 and/or FT8 helped you make a better score? Or did you have issues with one mode or the other? Where were the mults? How was the rate? What else should I be asking for? :)

PHOTOS: QST loves hi-res photographs of people operating, working on stuff, and so on. Make sure it looks like you are operating digital. ;) People dealing with inclement weather is also a plus. Make sure they are high resolution (lotsa pixels!) And they have people in them.

Also send those to me at wk6i.jeff@....

** I know practice sessions for RTTY and FT modes are being figured out. Stay tuned for details!

See you all in the Roundup! 73 jeff wk6i

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RTTY op at W7RN
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