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Bill Somerville

Hi Bill,

comments in line below.

On 15/12/2019 23:37, w5ec wrote:
Hey Bill,
Thank you for the reply.
Do you mean a serial cable in addition to the interface unit?
Yes. The MFJ interface does not provide a CAT connection, it is simply a USB audio codec with built in VOX PTT switching.
My Jupiter has a DB-9 serial connector but my computer does not. I have a DB-9 to DB-9 cable.
A serial to usb adapter or new cable would do the job?
A USB to serial adapter is what you need, they are not expensive, I recommend purchasing a premium version for a couple of dollars extra. The FTDI chip based ones have a good reputation. You will find many examples on your favourite Internet sales outlet.

I have a couple of these:


which work well. They have the benefit that the COM port number stays fixed when you move it to a different USB port or hub on the same machine, others tend to change COM port number and become annoying. That alone is worth paying a couple of extra dollars.

If you run QRO be prepared to have RFI issues with USB connections. A few clip-on ferrite chokes are often required to neutralize any common mode RF signal pickup on cables between your rig and PC.


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