locked Re: Rx level bar of bottom right on WSJT-X disappeared.

Bill Somerville

On 16/12/2019 05:23, jh7iqq@... wrote:
Rig and PC are connected via USB cable. I set "USB Audio Codec" as an input of FT8 signal. After Windows 10 was updated, WSJT-X no longer  recognized USB Audio CODEC. FT8 signals don't enter WSJT-X.  I re-installed WSJT-X and USB Audio CORDEC, and no improvement.  The input level of USB Audio CORDEC is adjusted to 45%. The clock is accurate. CAT and the transmission of WSJT-X are normal. (JTDX of same Setting run alone decord normaly.)  Please advice for me.  TNX  73
 OS : Windows 10 Pro (v.1909) 64bit.   PC : hp8300 USDT, CPU: Core i7.  RAM: 8GB. Rig : TS-590SG   WSJT-X : v2.1.2.

check you MS Windows microphone and camera privacy settings, it seems your WSJT-X is barred from accessing audio input devices.



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