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David AD4TJ

Do you have a serial-to-USB cable going from the computer to the radio? Do you know the Com Port number that it has been assigned by the computer? If so, did you set that com port number in the software. Do you know the baud rate for the radio, and did you set that in the software? How are you doing PTT? Read the manual!

73, David AD4TJ

On Sunday, December 15, 2019, 12:32:33 PM EST, w5ec <bhw5ec@...> wrote:

I need to clarify my "need help" post. I want to emphasize that I am wsjt-x beginner--1 week. When I downloaded the software I viewed several videos for ft8 beginners so I could get the setup correct. I skipped the "Radio tab" as I thought it was for automatic band, beam heading, etc which left the rig setting to "none".
Every thing seemed to be good as it decoded  properly except there was no transmit. I now believe that was due to the power control on the interface being set to zero. Since things were not working, I went back to viewing the videos and every one said to set the radio to my rig. So I selected my rig as the Ten Tec Jupiter and clicked OK. That's when everything went haywire! I got the big error box that wouldn't go away and it would not let me do anything. That was when I requested help. In the meantime I went back and selected "none" as my rig. I got good decoding  and after adjusting the "xmit pwr" control to a reasonable output,  the transmitter could be enabled by double clicking on a CQ and everything was automatic after that. I have made several DX contacts and my stress level has returned to normal.
But, I am bothered that I still have that error message and I can not select my rig. I don't know how it may affect things in the future. Any comments?

Bill W5EC
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