locked Re: Time sync issues

Michael WA7SKG

Well, I appreciate that works for you. In our case, it does not. These computers are tightly controlled. When you click on the clock and try to change the time, we get a pop-up box that asks for the admin password. It took us a month just to get the IT person to finally agree and install WSJT-X so we could use FT8 in the first place.

I've only been using Windows since 1989 or so when it first came out. I am a bit familiar with how to change the time. It's just annoying all the new 'security' measures in place now greatly limiting what a non-privileged user can do. Sadly, it does not seem to be configurable as to what does and does not require admin rights. You can connect to a network, but you cannot change the time.

Michael WA7SKG

K8BL BOB LIDDY wrote on 12/10/19 8:47 AM:

I've done this numerous times on numerous computers and
never got involved with Admin Rights. Those rights usually
are required with computers that are part of a network.
Click on the time area in the bottom right. Click on "date and
time settings". On the Date and Time tab, click on "Change date
and time...". In the little window that has the incrementing time,
enter an upcoming exact time you can get from an accurate source
such as WWV or a radio-controlled WWVB watch. At the moment
that time you entered appears, hit OK. You'll now be within a second
of the actual exact time. Easy-peasy.
There are other ways to do it that I can tell you about, but this has
always worked for our Members.
GL/73,   Bob  K8BL
On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 10:13:15 AM EST, Michael WA7SKG < wa7skg@...> wrote:
Apparently you missed the part about changing time on a Windows machine
requires admin rights, which we do not have. We can connect to the
network if someone has a smartphone they can set up as a hotspot, but
going into the Windoze time settings and trying to "sync now" pops up a
box asking for admin password. While on the one hand, I can appreciate
the need for admin rights to install software, make significant changes,
etc. but to set the clock? Windoze can be so annoying.

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