Locked Re: Time sync issues


I suppose that the shack has a window.
Put GPS antenna on the window inside the shack and
GPS will work. I have tested that.


On 9.12.2019. 18:15, Michael WA7SKG wrote:

We thought about that. Problem is, the shack is in the middle of the first floor of a three story building. We would have to run a line to the roof for the GPS to work. Huge task.

Michael WA7SKG

martin.svaco@... wrote on 12/9/19 4:30 AM:
Without internet access you may try USB GPS receiver (less than US$ 10) and free software.
On eBay search for ''VK-172 GMOUSE USB GPS Receiver''

For software google ''BktTimeSync''.

For USB GPS receiver you may need GPS antenna.
Search eBay for ''GPS Antenna Amplifier Receiver Repeater for Android Phone Car navigation Tool''

Martin 9A2JK

On 9.12.2019. 4:06, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
We have a club station that some members want to run FT8 on. There is a laptop there for use, but no Internet access. Of course, the clock is always off. We can use a cellphone for a hotspot to give Internet access, but forcing the clock to sync requires admin privileges. I know the Meinberg and Dimension 4 apps have been mentioned. I'm sure they need admin rights to install, but do they need admin rights to actually run and sync the clock? If one of them will work, we can probably get it installed, then the user can use his smartphone hotspot to keep the laptop on time while they are using it.

Michael WA7SKG

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