Locked Please help monitoring our Pico balloons


Hi All,
FT8 is a wonderful weak signal mode.
For Pico high altitude balloon telemetery, we need a bit more data stream functionality to enter data from sensors such as GPS, baro, temp, humidity, etc.
JS8 is excellent for this, but we need more monitors world wide.
These party balloons do circumnavigations of the Earth...!

This is where you come in.
Please also run the JS8Call software to report balloon telemetery to PSKReporter.
This will soon also be displayed on APRS.fi and the HabHub tracker.
As a FT8 station, you are already setup with the hardware to run a JS8 monitoring station for high altitude balloon tracking.

The Pico and HAB balloon community will be very appreciative !

Current JS8 coverage.

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