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John, Bill,

perhaps another approach would be to think of the data flow and how integrity of the contact log is maintained. Currently WSJT-X has data integrity since a log entry is made at the point at which a QSO seems to be finished. If the finish sequence re-appears, then another record is made. The logic for this is simple, and there is no danger of a QSO not being recorded in the log if, for example, something crashes.

That being the case, then the log from WSJT-X may, necessarily, contain duplicates. Removing those duplicates then becomes a process that may be achieved either by some stand-alone program or in a logging program.

It seemed so much easier with paper logbooks, but probably not for TO9W!


Robin, G8DQX

On 09/12/2019 15:37, John W9ILY wrote:

Hi Bill.
Yes, we are using 2.1.2 and understand the process. It would be good if, in the future, a second or third transmitted RR73 within a 2 minute period, for example, did not create additional log entries. However, that might cause an additional problem with the time of the transmitted RR73 and the received RR73 being slightly different. Anyway, the program is really working fine for us at TO9W.
John W9ILY
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