Locked Re: Duplicate logging with Fox/Hound

Bill Somerville

On 09/12/2019 01:07, John W9ILY wrote:
We are at TO9W using FT8 in addition to CW, SSB and RTTY. As you can imagine we have many callers and have found F/H quite helpful. We have noticed that, on a number of occasions when using FT8 F/H, the calling station does not receive our RR73, he resends his report and we resend the RR73 and the QSO completes. This results in a QSO logged for both of the RR73 transmissions from us. Sometimes this happens three times and there are three loggings for one QSO. Perhaps a future build would include some means of preventing this duplication of QSO logging.
John W9ILY
Hi John,

I assume you are using the latest WSJT-X v2.1.2, this was intentionally changed to log dupes, prior versions did not log dupes. The reason was that when dupes were ignored many stations were not getting confirmations because the Fox logged the first time an RR73 message was sent but the Hound may log considerably later when they successfully received an RR73. TheĀ  subsequent log entry time difference causes mismatches on services like LoTW. We have decided that dupes are better than missed confirmations for valid QSOs.


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