locked Re: Recommendations for External Soundcards

Michael WA7SKG

Thank you for that, Bill. I missed that. Sorry for the misinformation.

Chris, please disregard last transmission. Wrong radio.

Michael WA7SKG

Bill Somerville wrote on 11/24/19 12:27 PM:

unless Chris has given us the wrong model, he has a K3 not a K3S. I believe he could fit the Elecraft module that includes USB audio and CAT, that comes as standard in a K3S, but it will be much cheaper to purchase a basic USB sound card.
On 24/11/2019 20:22, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
Okay, I have been going through the K3S manual regarding audio. It does indeed have a built in sound card, so you should not need anything external. The USB cable will carry both your serial information for control and PTT as well as the digital audio information.

I will do some research on digital audio input on the Mac to see how it identifies. You shouldn't have to worry about the line/out jack on either the radio or the computer.

Michael WA7SKG

Chris Pinholster via Groups.Io wrote on 11/24/19 11:48 AM:
I need some recommendations for digital interfaces or external sound cards. For use with a newer mac that doesn’t have line in or out. For K3 to use WSJT, FT8

I think this group is bound to have some experience in this regard.
Chris. k4win

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