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Michael WA7SKG

It appears you are focusing on the serial connection. That seems to be working as the radio is transmitting. The serial only deals with control functions, such as frequency, mode selection, and PTT.

However, the serial has nothing to do with the audio or power out. While audio and serial control do travel on the same USB connection, they are two separate functions. In your audio configuration, you should look for USB Audio CODEC or something similar. There should be entries for both input and output (mic/line and speakers) identified with Audio CODEC. (I am assuming here the K3 has a built-in sound card with audio connected via the USB cable.)

Although I am not familiar with the K3 and Mac settings, the basic theory is the same for pretty much any radio and computer combination.

Hopefully, that will give you a better place to look.

Michael WA7SKG

Chris Pinholster via Groups.Io wrote on 11/24/19 7:59 AM:

K3 MacOS 10.13 WSJT 2.1
I have searched and looked at all the archives and I cannot figure out why I have no transmitted audio.
In the WSJT preferences I have these settings:
Baud 38400 Eight Data Bits
Two Stop bits
Handshake default
Transmit audio source is greyed out and selected as Front/Mic
Mode Data/Pkt
The serial Port is /dev/cu.usbserial-AM01ZHHE
K3 settings ModeData
Data MD is Data A
Mic SEL is Line In
WJST test CAT works Fine
Test PTT works fine
But WJST Tune works but shows no per out at any settings of Mic gain
WSJT receives and monitors fine.
The audio settings on both WSJT and the Mac only show internal Mic and internal speakers. No choice for /dev/cu.usbserial-AM01ZHHE
The only cable between the mac and the K# is the serial to USB I received rom Elecraft.
Hopefully I have overlooked something simple. Any help will be appreciated.
Chris  k4win

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